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Services and Stipulations of Standard Stand Construction
(For the standard stand exhibitors)

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Recommended Contractor—Canton Fair Exhibition Design and Construction Co., Ltd is in charge of setting up all standard stands, distributing electricity, and configuring stand equipment.

Item 1 Standard Stands

The unified standard pattern provided by the Canton Fair include Standard Stand and Luxurious Standard Stand.  

(1) Basic Configuration for Standard Stand

As shown in the picture, it includes panels, one fascia board, one aluminum table, four chairs, five shelves, four spotlights, one dust bin and carpet.

Configuration for Standard Stand of Canton Fair

The above pictures are for reference only, as the color of the appearance of the stand may be adjusted due to different materials.

Stand Dimension

2970MM X 2970MM, height of walls: 2500MM, lowest distance between the nadir point of fascia board and floor: 2450MM; height of fascia board:4000 MM

(2) Basic Configuration for Premium Booth

As shown in the picture, it includes panels, one printed fascia board, one aluminum table, four Chairs, one cabinet with lock, one reception counter, five shelves, four spotlights, one socket, one dust bin and carpet.

Configuration for Premium Booth of Canton Fair

Stand dimension:

2970MM×2970MM,height of walls 2500MM,lowest distance between the nadir point of fascia board and floor: 2450MM,height of fascia board: 4500MM.

(3)Setting-up Specifications:

(1) The spotlight and the F/L light shall be installed at the positions indicated in the above picture. 

(2) For stands located at corners, panels will only be set up at two sides of the stands with other two sides facing the aisle open.


(1) No variations of wall, fascia board and main framework will be allowed unless the approval of the Canton Fair is obtained. In case that the increase of stand equipment, the dismantling of partition panels between adjacent stands and separate application for increasing electric equipment is needed, please contact Canton Fair Exhibition Design and Construction Co., Ltd. in advance.

(2) In case that any distribution box is installed inside the stand, exhibitors are not allowed to alter its position. Please stay clear from it in stand decoration.

Item 2  Stipulations on and Submission Guide for Modification of Standard Stand

1. Stipulations on Modification of Standard Stand

Acceptable Modification Scope:

(1) In case the exhibitor has booked two or more than two consecutive standard stands, the contractor will dismantle the boards among those stands unless special request has been put forth by the exhibitor. The corner stands booked by the exhibitor shall only be equipped with enclosure walls on two sides and two fascias.

(2) Increasing stand equipment such as show case and shelf stand provided that the installation is feasible;

(3) Increasing lightings and sockets provided that the power consumption will not exceed the designed capacity and the installation is feasible;

(4) Increasing quantity of furniture under the condition that the storage is available.

Scope of Unacceptable Modification:

(1) Dismantling fascia board;

(2) Dismantling panels at the back and exterior sides of the stand;

(3) Separating one standard stand into two stands.


(1) For the submission of stand modification prior to Mar.25 (Phase 1)/ Apr. 10 (Phase 3) for Spring Fair and Sep. 25 (Phase 1)/ Oct. 10 (Phase 3) for Autumn Fair.in case that the involved stand equipment, lights and furniture are not exceeding the basic configurations of the standard stand in quantity, the service will be free of charge; in case of an excess, the exceeding amount shall be separately charged .

(2) For any submission later than the time specified above no matter to increase or decrease the basic configurations, modification fee shall be charged.

(3) Different charge criteria will be placed on the advance and on-site application respectively. Application prior to the time specified in item 1 shall be treated as an advance one while an application thereafter shall be regarded as an on-site submission. Relevant charge criteria and the application form are illustrated in Form B5-2.

(4) In case that dismantling the panels would affect the installation location of lightings, those lights will be shifted toward the nearest places unless the exhibitor has particular requirements in his application. 

(5) In case that there has been stand equipment installed on either side of the show shelf dismantled, the equipment will not be re-installed after the dismantling of the show shelf unless the exhibitor requires to do so during the application.

(6) The additional power sockets applied will be installed at the left side or the right side of the stand near to the aisle.

(7) Walls of standard stands are 2500 MM, while the stand height shall be below 2430 MM.

(8) Power will be supplied starting at 9:30, Apr. / Oct 13 (Phase 1), 9:30 Apr. / Oct 30 (Phase 3) for the spotlights, F/L lights and rented power outlets installed at all standard stands in the International Pavilion. Tables and chairs for standard stands will be delivered starting at 13:00, Apr. / Oct 13 (Phase 1), 13:00 Apr. / Oct 30 (Phase 3).

2.Advance application Guide for Modification of Standard Stand

Contents of Application

(1) Application Form for Modification of Standard Stand. Please fill in Form B3、B4.

(2) Modification Plan and Descriptions for Standard Stand. Please fill in Form B5-1.

(3) As for additional stand equipment, please fill in Form B5-2.

(4) Concerning the rental of distribution box, please fill in Form B2 .

Application Time and Contact

(1) Application Time

Spring Fair, Mar. 1- 25

Autumn Fair, Sep. 1- 25

Please apply prior to  Mar. / Sep. 25 (the date when the modification drawings arrived by post or returned in)

(2) Contact

Recommended Contractor: Canton Fair Exhibition Design and Construction Co., Ltd, 

Address: 1+002, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, No.380 Yue Jiang Zhong Lu, Guangzhou.

Tel.: 0086-20-89139719  89139784

Email: [email protected]


Response will be given within 5 working days after reception of the application materials by the Contractor.

(1) The applicant is required to re-submit the application within 5 working days after receiving the feedback from the contractor in case such modification is not feasible.

(2) For the modification applied that is feasible, the contractor will inform the applicant that their drawings have been approved by e-mail together with the fees requirement those applicants are suppose to pay.


(1) After the application for stand modification is confirmed, the exhibitor shall submit the confirmation form of stipulated fees (sealed or signed) prior to 30th Mar.(Spring Fair) / 30th Sep.(Autumn Fair) . In case of overdue payment, the confirmation will be invalid and no modification work will be arranged by Canton Fair. The exhibitor shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom. The confirmation fees shall be paid in lump sum before the opening of the Fair .

(2) In case exhibitors require to retain the framework (including fascia board and three-side walls) of the standard stand while conduct unsophisticated self-decoration which involves the use of power, such decoration shall be treated as the decoration of custom-built stand. The exhibitor shall therefore be required to apply for such works pursuant to Provisions of Construction Management for Custom-built Stand in Chapter 3 herein. Concerned works shall be executed by the contractor entrusted by the exhibitor.

3. On-site Submission Guide for Modification of Standard Stand

In the event that the modification of stand is needed, exhibitors shall submit the application in advance at the earliest. Failing to apply in advance due to special reasons, the applicant can acquire the same service at the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion of Canton Fair.


(1) Additional fees will be required for most services herein on the basis of charge criteria for advance application. For details, please refer to Appendix B5-2 Charge Criteria for Service of Standard Stand.

(2) The service time will be determined by the amount of on-site service. Especially during the peak hours, the service may not be provided on time. In this case, please wait patiently.

(3) Parts of the services may not be provided due to insufficient stocks or overtopping the warning limit.

Item 3  Stipulations of Use of Standard Stand

1. Under no circumstances shall the exhibitor dismantle or modify the configured fascia board, show shelves, stand equipment and lighting lamps without authorization. In case any modification is needed, the exhibitor shall apply for it to Recommended Contractor in advance or submit the application at the Service Section in International Pavilion. Upon approval by Canton Fair and full payment made by the exhibitor, certain personnel will be assigned by Recommended Contractor to execute the modification works.

2. In case that any distribution box is installed inside the stand, exhibitors are not allowed to remove it.  Exhibitors, during the course of stand decoration, are reminded to avoid it.

3. The electrician from the Canton Fair organizer is responsible for installing the distribution box rented by exhibitors at the proper stand. Any power connection beyond the switch of the distribution, including connection between the box and exhibitors’ own equipment, should be done by exhibitors themselves, under the supervision of the organizing host’s electrician. The Fair does not provide such power connection service beyond the switch.. 

4. Spotlights and F/L lamps additionally rented at the standard stand shall not be installed on the exterior side of the stand and the exhibition tools/accessories brought by exhibitors.

5. The configured fascia board, stand equipment and lighting lamps in standard stands are properties of China Foreign Trade Centre (Group). Exhibitors shall not take any of the properties out of the exhibition hall. Exhibitors shall by no means damage any configurations of the stand, cut the show shelves and aluminum products, or paint, drill and nail on the show shelves, the aluminum products, stand equipment and the like.

6. No sticking on the show shelves will be permitted. In case that the sticking is needed, exhibitors shall furnish to the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion for approval and thereafter operate without damaging the show shelves.

7. No lighting lamps brought by exhibitors will be permitted to install in the standard stand; no identical or similar setting-up materials will be permitted to bring to the exhibition for installation.  

For corresponding forms and stipulations, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.

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