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Arrangements and Stipulations of Stand Dismantling

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The entire stand dismantling of the International Pavilion of Canton Fair is as follows:

Spring Fair: 18:00, Apr.19 to 10:00, Apr. 20 (Phase 1);

             18:00, May. 5 to 17:30 May.6. (Phase 3).

Autumn Fair: 18:00, Oct. 19 to 17:30, Oct. 20(Phase 1);

             18:00, Nov. 4 to 17:30 Nov. 5. (Phase 3)

The hall will be opened overnight on the Apr. / Oct. 19 and May.5 / Nov.4. In respect of the tight time schedule for dismantling, all exhibitors and contractors are required to carry out timely dismantling without influencing construction works for the next phase of exhibition.

Following arrangements and stipulations of dismantling works determined by Canton Fair should be abided by all exhibitors:

1. The Recommended Transporter will distribute packing cases to each stand and return stand telephones from 16:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May.5 / Nov. 4 (Phase 3). All exhibitors must therefore be ready for dismantling works. Nevertheless, no exhibitors will be allowed to pack up exhibits prior to 18:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1), May.5 / Nov. 4 (Phase 3) and dismantle in advance. Those who dismantle and pack in advance and not obey instructions shall be blacklisted by Canton Fair and their application for next Canton Fair shall accordingly be rejected.

2. Stand dismantling will commence on 18:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1), May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3). The Recommended Transporter will arrange concerned persons to assist the exhibitor in packing up the exhibits which will be kept in the stand subsequent to packaging. The exhibitor will carry out timely procedures for exhibits delivery and outbound with the transporter.

3. The exhibitor shall be allowed to move out exhibits only with an import permit. However, the exhibitor must apply to the Recommended Transporter for Discharge Notice which will serve as a pass for the hall guards. All exhibits with import permit will be moved out of the exhibition venue prior to 23:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3).

4. All import exhibits to be returned, sold, given away and abandoned without customs clearance and cancellation subsequent to verification will be packed up and handed over to the Recommended Transporter prior to 20:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3). Such exhibits will be delivered by the transporter to the supervised locations specified by the customs prior to 6:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1) and May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3).

5. No persons other than staff of Canton Fair, the custom-build contractor staff, exhibitors of the International Pavilion, the Recommended Transporter will be allowed to enter the International Pavilion prior to 23:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May.5 / Nov. 4 (Phase 3).

6. Dismantling workers of the contractor for the customs-built stand must commence dismantling works subsequent to 23:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3) and all decoration materials shall be moved out of the exhibition venue prior to 10:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1) and May. 6/ Nov. 5 (Phase 3). The disposed materials shall be together moved out and they shall not be discarded on spaces or nearby road sides of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. In case of a disposal of inbound materials, the exhibitor will entrust the Recommended transporter to carry out relevant customs clearance procedures prior to such disposals, otherwise, such materials shall be disposed of as abandoned imported materials (i.e. to be carried to the location designated by the Customs).

7. The exhibitor and his contractor are required to keep their exhibits and the construction tools and materials safe. Subsequent to 6:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1) and May.6 / Nov. 5 (Phase 3), all kinds of un-dismantled stands and un-attended stands without guards will be moved out by Canton Fair without returning the clearance deposit to the exhibitor.

8. Transporting vehicles for customs-built stand materials will only be allowed to enter the exhibition venue in turns subsequent to 23:00, Apr. / Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May. 5/ Nov. 4 (Phase 3). These vehicles will drive on specified routes and park at specified locations and obey instructions given by the traffic administrators. Materials shall be rapidly loaded subsequent to entering the venue and rapidly withdraw from the venue.

9. Vehicles to the access of the second floor of the exhibition hall shall not be longer than 10 meters (10 meters included) and heavier than 1 ton (1 ton included). Non-wagon and wagons lighter than 1 ton used by the exhibitors for transportation shall go through the underground Parking Lot P1 (maximum height 2.2 meters ) or the truck passage of the ground floor of the hall by elevator loading. All drivers shall stay in the driving cabin during exhibit unload so as to withdraw punctually and respond to temporary vehicle arrangement.

10. Dismantling scope for customs-built stand shall not go beyond the area of the stand. The walls shall not be pushed to the neighboring stands to avoid any unexpected damages. Exhibits, decoration materials and tools will not be stored on the aisle so as to avoid a disturbance to the dismantling works.


1. In order to provide better services to the exhibitors and expedite the stand dismantling process, Canton Fair will put forth more detailed arrangements for the dismantling works of the International Pavilion and a Notice on Dismantling Works of the International Pavilion will be separately issued to the exhibitors, Recommended transporter and contractors of the customs-built stands.

2. Any dismantling works later than Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1) and 10:00 May. 6/ Nov. 5 (Phase 3) will cause losses to Canton Fair, who shall therefore reserve the right to claim from the exhibitor or his contractors for such losses.

3. Contractors of custom-built stands shall contact Canton Fair’s staff immediately to handle the on-site confirmation and registration procedures after dismantling the stands and returning the pre-installed or rented distribution box. Those who cannot finish procedures in time or finish procedures incompletely shall be regarded as violations. The Fair shall be entitled to deduct RMB 1000 per standard stand for not dismantling in time, and fine RMB 1000 per distribution box for those who do not return the distribution box. The on-site signature confirmation and registration procedures are as follows:

(1) On-site signature to confirm the completion of stand dismantling. The contractors shall contact immediately the on-site management staff to check the stand after the contractors remove the decorative materials prior to 10:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1) and 10:00 May. 6 / Nov. 5 (Phase 3). The staff of on site management shall sign to confirm on the “Payment Note of Construction Management of Custom-built Stand” (yellow customer copy).

Service Time:

22:00, Apr. / Oct. 19- 10:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1),

22:00, May. 5 - 11:00, May.6 / 22:00, Nov. 4 - 11:00, Nov. 5 (Phase 3).

Service Tel: 89120500, 89120503.

(2)On-site sign to confirm return of the distribution box. In the evening of Apr. /  Oct. 19 (Phase 1) and May. 5 / Nov. 4 (Phase 3) when power distribution staff collects the distribution box of the stand, a person nominated by the contractor shall stay behind in the stand and require the power distribution staff to paste special label on the “Confirmation Slip for Preinstalled Distribution Box in Custom-built Stand” or “Leased Equipment Note of Custom-built Stand” (yellow customer copy) The electrician of exhibition hall on duty shall sign to confirm on the “Confirmation Slip for Preinstalled Distribution Box in Custom-built Stand” or “Leased Equipment Note of Custom-built Stand” against that special label.

Service Time:

18:00, Apr. / Oct. 19- 10:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1);

18:00, May. 5 - 11:00, May.6 / 18:00, Nov. 4 - 11:00, Nov. 5 (Phase 3).

(3)On-site procedure to return telephones: The Fair staff will collect the stand’s wireless telephones from 15:00 on the closure day. Please do not take away the wireless telephones, and do kindly return them to our staff.

Neither procedure is dispensable. The contractors shall handle them on time. According to relevant Regulations on the Canton Fair, after the closure of the Canton Fair, Finance Department of China Foreign Trade Centre shall return the deposit to the contractors who finish procedures completely and in time.

For those stands declaring decoration and leasing distribution box on site, the contractors shall bring the "Deposit Note" and handle relevant signed confirmation procedures according to the above mentioned procedures and during the above mentioned period, and they shall take their deposit back at the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion from 18:00 Apr. / Oct. 19 - 10:00, Apr. / Oct. 20 (Phase 1), 18:00 May. 5 – 11:00 May. 6 / 18:00, Nov. 4– 11:00 Nov. 5 (Phase 3)

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