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International Pavilion of Canton Fair Sets up an Open Platform to “Sell to China and the World”

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At the closing press conference of the 123rd Canton Fair, Xu Bing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Canton Fair, Spokesperson and Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the operation of the International Pavilion.

Xu Bing said that in order to better adapt to the new situation of opening up to the outside world, expand imports, increase exports, and promote coordinated and balanced development of import and export, the Canton Fair established International Pavilion in the 101st session in 2007, transforming it from a one-way export platform to a two-way one combining import and export. Since the establishment of the International Pavilion, it has helped more than 10,000 enterprises from more than 100 countries and regions to explore the Chinese market, and has been hailed as the “fast channel to open the Chinese market”.

Xu Bing said that the Canton Fair continued to innovate exhibition themes, expand channels, hold various forms of match-making activities, and enhance the exhibition organization, so as to establish an efficient matching platform for overseas enterprises to explore Chinese market. It has achieved remarkable results in promoting imports.

Expand the export from the exhibiting countries to China. Canton Fair's International Pavilion provides opportunities for foreign companies to enter China's huge consumer market. Overseas exhibitors have brought in various innovative products to participate in the Fair. While meeting the growing needs of Chinese consumers for a better life, they also gained more room for development. A small Korean household appliance company entered the Chinese market in October 2011 via Canton Fair. In just a few years, it has opened more than 50 physical stores in China, and its annual sales growth is gratifying. Cathcart of the United Kingdom received a large number of orders at this session. Good results exceeding their expectation allowed them to consider shifting their business focus from "buying from China" to "selling to China." A head of a Turkish kitchenware company stated that “even if it is a small part of the Chinese market, it is a huge business for most companies.”

Major exhibition delegations gained a lot. 12 countries and regions organized their own delegations and participated in the International Pavilion, which achieved remarkable results. The South Korean delegation had 200 companies, making it the largest delegation in the International Pavilion. The head of delegation said that the strong brand strength and rich experience of the Canton Fair is a guarantee for the continued participation of the Korean delegation. The Malaysian delegation is one of the longest participating delegations. The person in charge of the delegation stated that the Canton Fair has become the most important window for them to explore the Chinese market, promote corporate brands and display product image. The Turkish delegation was highly satisfied with the results of the exhibition. It repeatedly emphasized the growth in the number of buyers and expressed its strong desire to expand the exhibition area of electronic household appliances, fabrics, and home textiles.

Build an open platform to “sell to the world”. The International Pavilion of Canton Fair helps overseas companies explore the Chinese market with great potential, allowing them to share the resources of the Canton Fair's huge number of buyers, and provide them with a convenient, open, and effective platform for selling products to the global market. Caterpillar Inc. of the US, which is listed on Fortune 500, regards the International Pavilion as an important platform for obtaining international orders. A Pakistani exhibiting company in the fabric and home textile section received orders for nine containers from South America, the Middle East and Europe in two days.

Organize a series of activities to strengthen exchange between China and foreign countries. In this Canton Fair, we organized a series of activities such as the selection and exchange of important cooperative partners at home and abroad and the matchmaking conference for Malaysia. This built a bridge for communication and sharing development opportunities, and effectively promoted more in-depth cooperation among all parties.

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